Our Services

Project Development

RiddleFox specialise in rapid and agile project development. We use JHipster, a framework that allows us to quickly release initial versions of software to production standard without spending time on standard components. This means we translate designs and business ideas into working code from day one; and by prioritising working code we ensure our work matches our clients’ expectations and needs.

We offer a flexible service and can run an entire project or to work alongside existing teams, using best practises to deliver consistent, high-quality and affordable projects. Work is tracked on a ticket level, allowing the true cost of individual features to be understood.

Our services include expertise in testing and data privacy needs. We also work to ensure security in an application throughout the project. Non-functional requirements such as speed and responsiveness are constantly monitored, with regular automated and manual QA to prevent issues.

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Legacy Software Support

One of the hardest challenges for a business can be balancing the need for new features and opportunities with maintaining existing software. The complicated dependencies of modern software mean that even the simplest project can need work to keep libraries up to date and avoid security issues.

The RiddleFox team is experienced at working with legacy software and decreasing the maintenance burden. Using industry best practices, we can help get control of the situation, quantifying the issue and producing clear gains, allowing your team to proceed with new work, knowing that the existing infrastructure can be safely managed.

Developer Assistance

RiddleFox love working with developers and sharing our passion for Java development. We can provide various services to support an existing development team such as

  • mentoring
  • developer training
  • code review
  • technical analysis
  • continuous integration and delivery
  • docker and cloud deployment
  • help with onboarding new developers